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How to Use Etcher (Guide)

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  • How to Use Etcher (Guide)

    To earn a fantastic functioning, bootable USB drive, then you may use Etcher.

    Simply, download the Etcher installation from their site and install it on your PC. Once installed, start the app.

    The flash drive you use should be 8 GB or larger, and any additional space on the USB drive you want to use for persistent and FAT32 formatted file storage.

    To get Ubuntu 18.04 and later, the USB flash drive must be 4 GB or larger. The format procedure will delete all files which are already on the flash drive.

    Now let's return to the production process. On the Etcher display, you'll notice that there is a browse button. It is possible to use that button to locate your .ISO file. Once you select the .ISO file, then click on the"Next" button to make the bootable USB device.