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  • DS4Windows

    Among the best gamepads from the current generation of consoles is Sony's PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 controller. The good news: Providers of a DS4 controller may utilize it to get virtually all gamepad-ready Windows games. The bad: Contrary to Microsoft's Xbox One gamepads, setting up the PS4 controller onto a PC takes somewhat more effort, at least in regards to wireless use. But don't worry, we will show you how you can play your favorite games using the PlayStation controller. Incidentally, this also works with both the older DualShock 4 control and the revised version released in 2016 using the PlayStation 4 Guru.

    Probably the simplest option to use the DualShock 4 control on the PC is that the usage of a traditional USB cable. Not only can the DualShock 4 control be charged through the micro USB port, but it can also be joined to the PC like any other USB device. Windows 10 admits the gamepad in a few seconds and you can use it. Especially in newer games or in the Big-Picture interface of Steam, now you can utilize the PS4 controller immediately. However, in many cases, you need an extra installation with a tool like DS4Windows - more on that below.

    Whether via cable or Bluetooth: You will find that the usage of this PS4 control on the PC in many games isn't possible or only faulty. The rationale: Microsoft employs the Xinput interface on Windows to connect game controllers. Most games, therefore, require a Xinput-compatible Gamecotnroller, such as the Xbox One or Xbox 360 gamepads. Sony officially does not encourage Xinput, which is the reason why the PS4 controller is not recognized by games like FIFA 19. That doesn't make a difference! Several apps jump into the breach. Possibly the best is the free program DS4Windows, The open-source application trickles Windows into believing that the connected PS4 controller is an Xbox gamepad. This works with both the wired and the Bluetooth version. In practice, this means you could control almost all controller-compatible Windows games using the DualShock 4 control.

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